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What to Wear: First Trimester (…. even into the second)


So you have just found out that you’re pregnant and you may wonder just when do you start wearing maternity clothes?

The truth is, there are a lot of trendy, loose fitting every day, non-maternity tops that you can wear during your first trimester, most of your second trimester, and even in the weeks after you’ve had your baby.

Tunics – Stylish Maternity Tops

Tunics are always in fashion so you can find them in stores every time of year. They are great because they can easily be worn with comfortable leggings to work and still look dressy. This Eileen Fisher Layered V-Neck Asymmetrical Tunic ($258) is perfect.




Peasant Tops – Trendy Maternity Tops

The key to buying the right peasant top for pregnancy wear is to make sure the length is long enough, as when your stomach starts to protrude it will raise the front of the top up a bit. A few inches below your hips should do. This Tracy Reese Silk Peasant Top ($200) is an ideal length.


Kimono Tops – Funky Maternity Tops

Kimono tops are great because they typically have very loose, scarf-like sleeves, making them very comfortable. This Michael Kohrs Boho Kimono Top ($90) is very loose fitting but still stylish.


Smocked Tops – Cute Maternity Tops

Smocked Tops are great because they tend to be blouson anyway, and the elastic waistband fits below the belly making them so comfortable. This Smocked Blouse from Rachel Zoe ($103) will have people guessing.



Empire Waist Tops ­­­– Comfortable Maternity Tops

What’s really great about an empire waist top is that all the emphasis is on the bust line as the fabric then jets out from below that area. This empire waist Band of Gypsies Tops from Urban Outfitters ($59) is great for those more casual attire days.



All of these early pregnancy clothes can still be in your wardrobe long after you give birth. Because they are loose fitting in nature to begin with, you will not stretch them out, making re-wearing them when not pregnant completely possible. A great way to save money on your maternity wardrobe!

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Article written by G.B. Oliver, small business marketing consultant and author of the blog,



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