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Skin to Skin with your baby and its benefits

We are always working on the environment in our portrait studio that will help our clients – a new mother and her baby to feel comfortable at the studio. Similarly we are always on the look out for products that will nurture the bond between the baby and the mother. We came across Nuroo Baby, they have a shirt that allows you to have your baby safely next to your for hours. 

According to Nuroo, placing your new baby on your bare bosom for hours at a stretch has the following effects on the baby.

  • It accelerates brain development.
  • It calms and soothes the baby. And hey, a baby that cries less, has a mom that stresses, much less.
  • It regulates your newborn’s body temperature, which their little bodies can’t do yet.
  • It improves their quality of sleep! Which means, more sleep for you.
  • It enhances your new baby’s immune system.
  • And it stimulates your baby’s digestion and weight gain.

We know that every Mom loves the feeling of being close to their baby!!!


If you’re having  a baby ( or have a friend/family member) and live in the East Bay or  San Francisco Bay Area, don’t forget to book your newborn portrait photo session NOW as these precious portrait are taken during baby’s first 10 days of life.  

Check out the GALLERY PAGE or Contact me, Gurpreet Kaur for available dates and times at PORTRAITS@BRIGHTBABYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



All statistics and research from Nüroo Baby.

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