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Session FAQs

– The session includes 3-4 hours of photography time. We do not expect your baby to adhere to our schedule, we will work around their feed/diaper schedule. We can be done earlier, just depends on how happy your baby is feeling on the session day.

– It is a must that someone from the family accompany the new Mom. We will need them to help during the session in case the mom cannot.  For the baby’s safety we always like to have a family member as a spotter during the session.

 – The session takes place at the studio located at 3538 Golden Gate Way # A, Lafayette, CA. The studio is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Parking is available for the duration for the portrait session.

– You will have to sign a release for us to be able to photograph your baby.

– We only photograph babies under 10 days. Your baby will literally change before your eyes, we want to make sure that we capture this wonderful stage.

– We have props/blankets that you can choose from depending your style. It is highly encouraged that you bring a prop that has great sentimental value for your family.

– You can have up to five in the session. An additional fee of $35/person is charged for groups of bigger than five people. Parents, siblings, grandparents should feel free to join the session.

– No photography (cell phone/digital cameras etc)  is permitted during the session.

– Digital Files are available for purchase. Professional prints, heirloom albums that last a lifetime are available as well. Check our product page for more details.

– What to wear: Parents may want to consider classic options like black.

Your baby will be naked for throughout the session (we keep the studio toasty so that they are taken care of). Bring your diaper bag, as your baby may need several changes during the session.

 It may be difficult for a mom to arrive prepared for the session. Mom’s should carry their makeup kit with them, you can wear makeup while we photograph your baby.  A makeup artist can be arranged for as well for a small fee.

-Please refer to the Booking Calendar. Our calendar tends to fill up, we encourage you to book your session to avoid disappointment. In order to give your family full attention, we only photograph a baby on one day. We do not over book and try to rush you through your session.

– Call us at 925.238.9444 to book your baby’s new born portrait session.

Bright Baby Photography Studio, Lafayette CA

Bright Baby Photography Studio, Lafayette CA


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