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7 Things I wish I Knew After Giving Birth

Here is something a Bright Baby’s mom Anna has to share with us:

Pregnancy has a lot of wonderful things that come with it as well as challenges. I was so busy with keeping up with all the excitement of expecting our little one and all the changes my body is going through that I didn’t think much about what I would need after coming home from the hospital. Yes, I read about breastfeeding and newborn care but it just seemed too far away when I haven’t even met our little one yet.

So, my goal for this post is to share my experience with your after giving birth so you can hopefully be more prepared than I was during those first several days home with your bundle of joy.

    • Tip #1 Let everyone know that if they want to see the baby to give you at least 2-3 days to recover. You and your significant other would be tired for sure and you have other things to worry about besides entertaining visitors. Learn to say no – politely.
    • Tip #2Have your breastfeeding supplies available. Your milk may not come in for about 3 days post-partum up to 1 week but your little one will be getting his much needed colostrum and you need to be nursing right away. This means your nipples may become tender so taking care of them from day 1 is a must so that you don’t get an infection. I recommend having a good nipple cream handy (I like Mother’s Love) as well as gel pads (I like Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads). When your milk does come in, you need to have your breast pump ready so that you can relieve any engorgement right away. Not doing so could be very painful and uncomfortable.
    • Tip #3 Watch “Happiest Baby on the Block DVD,” by Dr. Harvey Karp. This one was originally created as a book but watching Dr. Karp perform the techniques will help you master the techniques faster. This one will help you and your baby sleep better and you would be able to calm your baby better.
    • Tip #4 Enlist the Help of Friends and Family – even if your spouse is at home, you both need all the help you can get during these first few days. If someone offers to help, take it! Even something as simple as bringing you dinner or watch the baby for an hour or two as you take a nap during the day is a blessing when you’re desperate for sleep and just want some “me” time.
    • Tip #5 Schedule your baby photography session ahead of time. My son was born at 10.2 lbs so it was only a matter of days before he stops looking like a newborn so I wanted to make sure we captured that moment. This was my top priority even though I was still in a little bit of pain. You only capture this moment once!

  • Tip #6 Read, Read, Read – I hate to say it because our lives are busy enough as it is. But, I promise you that if you read a few books on at least breastfeeding and how your newborn develops, your life would be so much easier. Here are my top recommended reading: The No-Cry Sleep Solution, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and The Wonder Weeks.
  • Tip #7 Don’t be afraid to reach out to other new moms. As a new mom, you have gazillion questions going through your mind. On top of that, you would want to talk to someone who understands what you just went through. It helps to get that all out and share your experiences and ask your questions with other new moms especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing even mild post-partum depression.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) to not feel guilty if all you want to do is take care of your little one and every thing else goes to the back burner for now. Our baby Lucas is now 4 months old and I’m glad that I’m spending a lot of time with him because he changes every day! There are things he used to do that my husband and I miss because he was either too cute or too funny when he was doing them. Time really does fly by quickly.

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Exercising when pregnant


The benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy are both substantial and well documented. The type, intensity and frequency of exercise that is recommended varies from one woman to another based on pre-pregnancy fitness levels, exercising patterns and cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, pregnancy is as good a time as any, to start making a habit out of exercising. There are several benefits to working out during pregnancy:

Maintain Energy Levels

Exercising during pregnancy helps one maintain energy levels and beat the sapping tiredness that is a commonly cited symptom among pregnant women. Additionally, the endorphin (the body’s natural feel-good hormones) secreted during exercise are extremely beneficial to counter mood swings and remain positive in the face of fluctuating hormone levels.

To Strengthen the Joints

Bouts of moderate aerobic activity are also said to strengthen the joints, which is crucial as the change in the center of gravity that occurs during the later stages of pregnancy often leaves women with weak joints, a process which is further facilitated by the altered hormonal profile of a pregnant woman.

Reduces the Pain

More important than any other effect of exercising is that if regularly done throughout the pregnancy, it significantly reduces the pain, difficulty and risk associated with labor. A fit woman is less likely to suffer shortness of breath, acute anemia and other such risks associated with delivery. Moreover, a woman with good heart health will get through the rigors of labor without much strain placed on her heart. It is also noteworthy that regular exercise during pregnancy facilitates a faster transformation of the woman’s body after delivery back to pre-pregnancy shape. Nevertheless, there are precautions to be taken.

Type of Exercises to be Done

It is recommended that he type of exercise preferred should be moderately intense aerobic activity or a more balance-oriented activity such as yoga/Pilates. For a woman who was not a regular exerciser before, the recommended amount is about 2.5-3 hours a week. Although weights are not expressly forbidden in the first half of the pregnancy, widespread skepticism exists on whether strength training should be practiced at all, fearing risk of injury to the fetus.

From a medically sound perspective, stronger muscles only serve to ease labor pains by aiding stronger contractions. Nonetheless, strict adherence form (more so than normal) and refraining from overloading are of paramount importance. It is prudent to stick to regimens that one possesses expertise in, from prior to the pregnancy.


If you’re having  a baby ( or have a friend/family member) and live in the East Bay or  San Francisco Bay Area, don’t forget to book your newborn portrait photo session NOW as these precious portrait are taken during baby’s first 10 days of life.  

Check out the GALLERY PAGE or Contact me, Gurpreet Kaur for available dates and times at PORTRAITS@BRIGHTBABYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

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Skin to Skin with your baby and its benefits

We are always working on the environment in our portrait studio that will help our clients – a new mother and her baby to feel comfortable at the studio. Similarly we are always on the look out for products that will nurture the bond between the baby and the mother. We came across Nuroo Baby, they have a shirt that allows you to have your baby safely next to your for hours. 

According to Nuroo, placing your new baby on your bare bosom for hours at a stretch has the following effects on the baby.

  • It accelerates brain development.
  • It calms and soothes the baby. And hey, a baby that cries less, has a mom that stresses, much less.
  • It regulates your newborn’s body temperature, which their little bodies can’t do yet.
  • It improves their quality of sleep! Which means, more sleep for you.
  • It enhances your new baby’s immune system.
  • And it stimulates your baby’s digestion and weight gain.

We know that every Mom loves the feeling of being close to their baby!!!


If you’re having  a baby ( or have a friend/family member) and live in the East Bay or  San Francisco Bay Area, don’t forget to book your newborn portrait photo session NOW as these precious portrait are taken during baby’s first 10 days of life.  

Check out the GALLERY PAGE or Contact me, Gurpreet Kaur for available dates and times at PORTRAITS@BRIGHTBABYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM



All statistics and research from Nüroo Baby.

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Baby Bianca…


Baby Bianca just made in the nick of time for her portrait session all thanks to her determined parents Kristen&Scott. Her skin was starting to peel but she was simply perfection!!!

Bianca is their first baby and I can already tell they are super happy to have stepped into this new chapter of their life. Kristen gets the most ‘Prepared & Creative Mom’ award!!! Thanks to her design background she knew exactly what she wanted and came prepared. Scott had to do all the work in bringing props to the studio and back, the process was a literally a labor of love and he earned the most ‘Hard Working Dad’ award in my eyes. The results of their prep and hard work shows for itself…. wonderful portraits that will last them a life time.

I am so looking forward to working on wall portraits for their home. Hopefully they will have them up in their home in time for their first Thanksgiving as a family!!!
                                                          Congratulations Kristen&Scott on having Bianca in your life!!!





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Cool Baby Products New Moms May Not Know About

As an expecting mom you know all the traditional baby products such as Diaper Genies, sheepskin booties, and Sophie the Giraffe. But in recent years some unique baby items have emerged, both fun and practical, that parents will love. These are some of the best for 2013 that would make great gifts as well.

Baby Month Onesie Stickers

Your baby will change a lot in the first two years, and you may have trouble looking at a photo and deciphering exactly how old they were in the shot. That is why Baby Month Onesie Stickers are such as great idea. You simply attach a sticker to their clothing that displays the age of your baby, take the photo and their age is now prominently displayed in the image so there is no more guessing. A fun way to chronicle baby’s first years. $11. Available at

Ba Baby Bottle Holder

Babies drop bottles a lot. This creatively designed bottle holder is much more friendly for baby’s tiny hands. Unless you enjoy stopping what you are doing every two seconds to pick up your baby’s bottle, this holder is a lifesaver. Plus, the Ba Baby Bottle holder is made of all the safe materials parents want such as100% FDA approved food-grade silicone 
and is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), 
Lead and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Various bottle sizes available. $15 at

Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber is a traditional European baby teething remedy, which is now gaining popularity in North America. Amber is a natural material, believed to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, making it ideal for a teething baby. But baby does not chew this necklace! Instead, the succinic acid in the amber beads is absorbed by wearing the necklace next to their skin, not by chewing or ingesting. Babies should not sleep with necklaces on, nor wear if not being supervised by an adult as it may present a choking hazard. $20 at

Personalized Baby Onesies

How great is this keepsake onesie personalized with all the particulars of your baby such as their full name, birth date, height and weight. Great for photos not to mention as a unique one-of-a-kind baby gift. $15. Available at


If you know of any more awesome baby stuff, feel free to tell me and other soon-to-be Moms in comments area!!!

Having a baby and live in the East Bay or  San Francisco Bay area? Don’t forget to book your newborn portrait photo session now as these precious portrait are taken during baby’s first 10 days of life. Check out the gallery page or Contact me, Gurpreet Kaur for available dates and times at



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